Acrylic paintings

Acrylic paintings are made using excellent quality acrylic colours or structural pastes on cotton or linen canvas mounted on wooden stretcher. Edges are coloured in tonality of the painting so it can be presented with or without a frame. Certificate of authenticity is included with the painting.

Acrylic paints and pastes give paintings specific texture with which it is possible to achieve unique play of colour and texture, necessary to get specific results in some cases. Although oil colours are definitely my favourite I am happy to work with acrylic paints at times. Whenever I want to preserve any particularly elusive phenomenon I instantly choose watercolours, which I believe are the most illuminated and delicate paints. At the same time, the way an artist mixes the colours spontaneously, result in unintentional but amazing effects, which wonderfully stimulates the imagination of artist as well as the audience.